Friday, December 26, 2014

A memorable reunion at Nam Sang Wai in Hong Kong 南生圍懷舊之旅

【Hong Kong Nostalgia】
《A memorable reunion of university classmates at Nam Sang Wai in Hong Kong》: On Dec 23, 2014 I made a trip to Nam Sang Wai with my university classmates in Hong Kong. This excursion to was joyous and meaningful as we shared the joy of landscape photography, recollected our golden university life and captured the last face of the changing fish ponds before their disappearance under the rapid urbanization in the New Territories.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sai Kung East Countryside 西貢東郊野

【Hong Kong Nostalgia】
《Sai Kung East Country Park in Hong Kong》: Hong Kong is widely known for her beautiful countryside and outlying islands. Liu Ke-xiang, a famous hiking observer from Taiwan in his new book, "Three-quarters of Hong Kong", also realized that three-quarters of the countryside is the actual character of Hong Kong. As such, on Dec 17, 2014 Colman, my university classmate and I went to Sai Kung East Country Park for taking photos of the country landscape. I am glad that he could join me as we have missed each other for several decades since we left university.