● About My Photo Journal 關於我的網誌》

鏡頭捕捉走過的Camera for capturing news
文字表達感覺的 ● Writing for depicting feel
網誌分享珍貴的 ● Blogging for sharing anything real

人生如過客 ● Human life is like a journeyman
歷漫長行旅 ● Having trips on different lands
猶雪泥鴻爪 ● As if footprints left in the snow
尋片斷回憶 ● Looking for reminiscence that never ends

這是:○○○ ● This is a journal of
時與空 (光) ● Time & space (Memories)
見與聞 (影) ● What seen & laid (Images)
人間情 (情) ● Feeling in a day (Passions)
世上事 (事) ● Deeds on my way (Events)

卜利泉 ● Peter Bok / Last Modified Feb 06, 2012

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