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29 April 2016 10 pm

  • ChangingPhoto Tips  ● 攝影錦囊toPhoto Topics  ● 攝影專題in Home Page  

16 February 2015 11:20pm
     ● Adding a sound track  Sights & Sounds at Parry Sound 湖景•笛聲•柏麗山

05 April 2014 8:30pm
      View Photo Location Map 瀏覽拍攝位置圖  added.
In the post of Tung Ping Chau, some readers, interested in the rocks, would like to know the actual  location where these photos were taken on the island, hoping to visit again in future. Fortunately, my camera is equipped with a "satellite navigation" device, so each photo can be shown on the map the exact shooting location.

 10 October 2013 4am
     ● Transfer photos from Picasca to the post of "Ma Wan Heavens & Earth" 馬灣之天與地
     ● For direct photo-viewing in the post instead of Picasa Album

09 October 2013 2:40am
     ● Move the About My Photo Journal to the Table of Contents
     ● Keep the photo as it was.

06 October 2013 7pm
  • Added the followings in Table of Contents
  • Ontario Yours to Discover 安省景物
  • HK Nostalgia 香港情懷
  • Tim Hui's Stone Art 許鐵民(石狂):壽山石
  • Updates 增訂記錄

27 January 2013 9pm
     ● Table of Posts in Thumbnails 帖子略圖目錄

25 January 2013  11pm
     Created the following pages:
  • Home 首頁
  • Table of Posts 帖子目錄
  • On resuming blogging 我重返網誌之緣

25 January 2013  9:50 pm

I have inserted an interactive map to each of the post to indicate the place visited.  This also lets you  experience the joy of simulated travel by enlarging the map and dragging the yellow icon of the hiker onto the route of the trip.

我將每個帖子增添了動態地圖以顯示走訪地點位置。這樣﹐ 你可以將地圖放大後﹐ 把黃色人形公仔拖曳到所走訪的路線﹐一嘗模擬遊覽的樂趣了﹗

View Lei Yue Mun in a larger map

View Devil's Peak in a larger map

View Lei Yue Mun in a larger map

View Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail in a larger map

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